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Launch Pad Gallery Portland OR

Another World Soft Sculpture by Kelly Rundle

Artist Statement
When I look at everyday items, I think about what they would look like hand stitched out of felt.  My objects aren’t seamless in the most literal sense because I want them to have the feeling of being handmade.  A sewing machine would complicate my process and take away from the aesthetic of my work. When I stitch an object it is like I am making my sketch and final piece simultaneously.  I don’t make a pattern. I trace, measure and study the object and then make a haphazard replica of it. The result is simple, childlike and imperfect.
For “Another World” I have created five vignettes.  Grandma’s Living Room, Tool Shed, Studio, The WC and Parked Bike, these environments are created through the transformation of industrial and familiar objects into individual works and eventually into environments. Typically I start with a key item and create an environment around it, creating pieces necessary to complete the set.
“Another World” is a combination of work from my undergrad created 2007-2008 and my most recent work created from June-August 2009.  With this work, I hope to create inviting environments with the merging a simple craft item “felt” into distinct works that are humorous, whimsical and light hearted.


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